Modern / Contemporary Kitchens

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When considering your kitchen renovation, it is important to decide what style of kitchen you are trying to create.

When referring to kitchens that are contemporary and modern, we need to understand that these styles are different but do carry similar characteristics. The term modern refers to a period of design and the term contemporary refers to the preferred style of kitchen favoured at the moment. Both styles tend to favour simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. This imparts a comfortable and calming feeling in a space that is very inviting and holds timeless appeal.

Modern or contemporary kitchen designs are the ideal choice for open plan living and consist of streamlined symmetrical shapes, frameless panels and doors, flat surfaces and minimal hardware and fixtures. They contain little or no ornamentation or adornments. Highlights include striking contrasts in materials and tones and the use of natural features like veined stones, grained timber look textures and colour.

The contemporary kitchen focuses on durability, easy maintenance and high functionality. It represents new updated styles and trends and incorporates materials such as stone, stainless steel, laminate, glass and concrete.

Modern kitchen designs are glamorous and celebrate advancements in material engineering, technology and creativity. They embrace fully integrated high-tech appliances and plenty of creative storage solutions. This ensures a minimalistic aesthetic and distinctive look that defies all trends.

Kitchen Envy have been offering modern and contemporary kitchen designs in greater Sydney for over 20 years. Visit our showroom and allow our experienced Design Consultants to create a beautiful and functional kitchen for you.

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