Kitchen Storage

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As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home and we all spend a good amount of time in this space. Our kitchens are filled with such a diverse variety of items, it is no wonder that clever storage solutions are a main focus when it comes time to renovate.

Below we have outlined some important storage solutions to consider when planning your new kitchen.

Choose a combination of drawers and cupboards.

The reason for drawers is that you can maximise both depth and height. You have the ability to pull it out whenever you want to see the items stored at the back of the cabinet which are usually obscured from view and are less accessible.

Heavier items such as bulky kitchen appliances are better stored on shelves in cupboards rather than in drawers.

Blind corner pullouts and lazy susans allow for easy access into those hard to reach corner cupboards. This kind of hardware allows space to become visible and accessible.

Roller door or bi-fold appliance cabinets that sit on the bench and provide easy access to storage.

Fully integrated internal bins conceal bins within the cupboard and leaves your floor space clear.

Pullout drawers to hold spices, oils, tea towels or custom designs to suit your needs. These slimline storage solutions allow easy accessibility to well used items in your kitchen.

At Kitchen Envy we love practical and clever storage solutions as a kitchen can be transformed by the creative solutions included in it. Call into our showroom and our experienced Design Consultants will guide you in choosing the right fixtures and installations to create an efficient and comfortable space.

Undermount sinks allow for a clean finish to a kitchen
Custom made rangehoods with a shelf and additional cupboards
Islands can include additional cupboards and powerpoints on the sides for practical usage
Routed drainage grooves in benchtop, for a practical solution that saves bench space
Tall tower pantry, full of internal drawers
Blind corner pullouts allow for easy access into those hard to reach corner cupboards
Layering of small internal drawers within bigger drawers to increase storage
Roller door appliance cupboard sits on the bench and provides easy to access storage
Lazy susans make access into those hard to reach corner cupboards, easy!
Pull out towel holder
Internal drawers in pantry to increase storage that is easy to access
Fully integrated internal bins