Kitchen Splashbacks

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The right splashback tile can transform your kitchen and add individuality to your home. The most common tiles are ceramic and porcelain as they have lower moisture absorption rates and are easier to clean. Tiles come in endless options of styles, colour, shapes and sizes along with options for laying in different patterns such as subway, herringbone and square. 

Stone is another option for splashbacks and provides a timeless and luxury look. A striking stone splashback can be a feature on its own or seamlessly become one with the benchtop. Glass and mirror splashbacks provide a sleek and modern finish to your kitchen. They are easy to keep clean as there is no grout and are resistant to heat, water and bacteria. 

A mirror splashback will bounce light and reflection around the room and make your space feel bigger. If you can install a window as your splashback, you create a picture-perfect view from your kitchen, flooding your space with natural light and bringing nature indoors.