Kitchen Cabinets

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Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most important features of any kitchen design and are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Kitchen cabinetry is generally made up of two components, first the core board which is usually MDF and then the surface layer that is applied to the board. 

There are a few types of products available, each with their own benefits and whichever one you choose will depend on the purpose of your kitchen and your budget. 

Laminate/Melamine is finish whereby fine sheets of paper are bonded/laminated onto sheets of board. This product is tough, hard wearing and resistant to heat, moisture and scratching. 

A polyurethane cabinet is a paint finish where the MDF board is sprayed with 2 pac paint in either a matt, satin or gloss finish. Timber Veneer is where fine sheets of actual timber are applied to the board’s surface. It can be coated in a clear protective resin or a stained finish. 

Vacuum form vinyl is an MDF substrate with a sheet of vinyl that is heated, wrapped and vacuum sealed around the 3 sides of a kitchen door. It is crucial to choose a material that can tolerate regular wear and tear whilst matching your lifestyle and budget.