Kitchen Benchtops

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What are the different benchtops that can be used for your kitchen?

As the primary working surface in your kitchen, Benchtops are an important aspect to your kitchen design. They are some of the things to consider.

• Stain resistance

 Heat resistance

 Scratch and chip resistance

 Easy maintenance

 Appearance and beauty


Quartz (Engineered Stone)

One of the most popular and best kitchen benchtop materials is quartz or engineered stone. Quartz is incredibly sturdy and resistant to many of the issues that may plague other benchtop materials, making it hygienic and easy to maintain.

✅ Beautiful appearance

✅ Hardy & durable 

✅ Resistant to heat 

✅ Long lifespan with proper care 

✅ Some are antimicrobial

❌ Can be very expensive 

❌ Periodic sealing/waxing may be needed 

❌ Can be high maintenance

Laminate Benchtops

The most affordable benchtop material option available, laminate benchtops can be surprisingly durable.

Laminate benchtops can be postformed (recommended for wet areas) or square edge (desks and entertainment units)

Particleboard, resins, plastic, and a paper featuring the design seared together with heat and pressure make up laminate benchtops that can work well in kitchens.

✅ Very affordable 

✅ Easy to install 

✅ Lightweight 

✅ Flexible, varied designs 

✅ Easy to maintain and clean

❌ Susceptible to heat damage 

❌ Prone to peeling 

❌ Shorter lifespan 

❌ Less durable than stone or engineered benchtops

❌ Can only use a top mount sink

Timber Benchtops

textured organic surface with warmth and natural beauty. Highly durable and easily repaired. Treated with a food grade oil finish.

Timber benchtop are often composed of the following timber slabs like Blackbutt, spotted gum, Jarrah

✅ Antimicrobial 

✅ Easy to install 

✅ Adds a natural, organic element 

✅ Warm and inviting 

✅ Can be environmentally friendly with reclaimed wood 

✅ Sanding can fix most surface issues

❌ Requires regular oiling 

❌ Prone to scratches 

❌ Not resistant to heat or stains

Outdoor Stone/Porcelain

Heat , scratch, stain, and UV resistant for outdoor applications

✅ Extremely durable 

✅ Easy to maintain 

✅ Resistant to extreme temperatures 

✅ Stain resistant 

✅ UV resistant, no fading 

✅ Appearance of natural stone available 

✅ Larger slabs for seamless appearance 

✅ Edges can be customized 

✅ Great for indoor or outdoor use

❌ Expensive (to install) 

❌ Prone to chipping 

❌ Limited availability, fabricators, and installers 

❌ Patterns printed on the top layer, not throughout

❌ Any chips or scratches will be harder to fix than damage occurred to standard quartz benchtop

Natural stone (Marble/Granite/Quartzite)


Has long been valued for its beauty and strength. Marble comes in two options honed and polished. 

Honed marble is porous and has a matte finish, where polished marble has a protective surface and shiny sheen.

✅ Unique & beautiful natural stone 

✅ Luxurious material 

✅ Durable 

✅ Resistant to cracking and breaking 

✅ Heat resistant 

✅ Longevity

❌ Expensive 

❌ Prone to etching and scratches 

❌ Annual sealing required 

❌ Susceptible to acid staining


is very popular for benchtops due to its natural beauty, variations in colour, patterning and durability.

Due to granite’s popularity, it’s more widely available and more affordable than it used to be, though it’s still on the upper end of the spectrum since it’s natural stone.

✅ Extremely durable and hardy 

✅ Desirable appearance 

✅ Easy to clean 

✅ Resistant to chips and scratching 

✅ Resistant to heat 

✅ Versatility in design 

✅ A value-adding home upgrade 

✅ Longevity

❌ Can be expensive 

❌ Requires regular sealing 

❌ Possibility of staining or discoloration 

❌ Heavy, labor-intensive

Quartzite ​

The natural beauty of marble with a higher resistance to etching, scratching and staining.

✅ Beautiful appearance 

✅ Hardy & durable 

✅ Resistant to heat 

✅ Long lifespan with proper care 

✅ Some are antimicrobial

❌ Can be very expensive 

❌ Periodic sealing/waxing may be needed 

❌ Can be high maintenance


Concrete benchtops have become trendier and more stylish as of late. Poured, set, and sealed into the shape of your desired benchtop, concrete or cement benchtops can incorporate pigments or other materials like glass mixed in to create a unique look in your kitchen. Since concrete is very heavy once it is set, it’s handmade to the customer’s needs.

✅ Highly durable 

✅ Scratch resistant 

✅ Heat resistant 

✅ Customizable 

✅ Long lifespan

❌ Requires regular waxing and sealing 

❌ Prone to scratches 

❌ Not resistant to stains

Stainless Steel Benchtop

Unlike other surfaces, stainless steel will not chip, crack or fade over time. Increasingly popular in domestic environments, stainless steel benchtops offer a clean, utilitarian look. Stainless steel is the material of choice for domestic kitchens for its hygienic properties and low maintenance.

✅ Highly durable 

✅ Stain resistant to heat, rust, water and fire 

✅ Heat resistant 

✅ Customizable 

✅ Long lifespan


✅ Recyclable

❌ Can get small dents 

❌ Prone to scratches 

❌ Noisy with banging

❌ Can look cold and unappealing