Kitchen Layout

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Popular kitchen layouts include U-shape, G-shape, L-shape, Galley and Single-Wall. The best arrangement for you will depend on the size of your space, appliances, storage needs and desired work zones. 

The U-shaped kitchen is the most versatile layout for kitchens of all sizes. Plenty of storage and benchtop surround the space on all three sides. 

The G-shape is similar to the U-shape with the addition of a breakfast bar on one side which is typically reserved for friends and family to sit at. An L-shape plan fits into the corner of a kitchen space creating a work area that is out of the way and makes the space feel open. Adding an island allows extra bench space, storage and seating. 

A Galley kitchen is perfect for smaller homes and pack a lot into a small space. Work spaces face each other on parallel walls and everything is within close reach. 

Finally, a single-wall kitchen is a practical solution for a small space with all cabinetry position along the same wall. Everything is close at hand but benchtops and storage will be more limited than other layout options.