Kitchen Design Ideas

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore it is important to ensure that when you are planning your new kitchen space, you think about how it can be used in the most practical and functional way as well as making sure it looks beautiful. 

Design ideas include maximising storage solutions and ensuring you make the most of every area of benchtop and cabinetry. Creating an easy flow of your space is key as you need your storage to be accessible and conveniently placed. 

When it comes to design aesthetics, it is a good idea to pick one focal point in your kitchen that you’d like the eye to be drawn to and then complement that area with a few other less busy design details.

Modern/Contemporary Kitchen Elements

When considering your kitchen renovation, it is important to decide what style  of kitchen you are trying to create.

When referring to kitchens that are contemporary and modern, we need to understand that these styles are different but do carry similar characteristics. The term modern refers to a period of design and the term contemporary refers to the preferred style of kitchen favoured at the moment. Both styles tend to favour simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. This imparts a comfortable and calming feeling in a space that is very inviting and holds timeless appeal.

Modern or contemporary kitchen designs are the ideal choice for open plan living and consist of streamlined symmetrical shapes, frameless panels and doors, flat surfaces and minimal hardware and fixtures. They contain little or no ornamentation or adornments. Highlights include striking contrasts in materials and tones and the use of natural features like veined stones, grained timber look textures and colour.

The contemporary kitchen focuses on durability, easy maintenance and high functionality. It represents new updated styles and trends and incorporates materials such as stone, stainless steel, laminate, glass and concrete.

Modern kitchen designs are glamorous and celebrate advancements in material engineering, technology and creativity. They embrace fully integrated high-tech appliances and plenty of creative storage solutions. This ensures a minimalistic aesthetic and distinctive look that defies all trends.

Kitchen Envy have been offering modern and contemporary kitchen designs in greater Sydney for over 20 years. Visit our showroom and allow our experienced Design Consultants to create a beautiful and functional kitchen for you.

Bifold Lift System

Glass Drawer Accents

Led Strip Lighting

Stone Splashback

Undermount Sink

Waterfall End

Finger Pull Handles

Traditional/Provincial Kitchen Elements

The term ‘Provincial’ or ‘French Provincial’ is one of the most recognised design styles and to this day, its timeless aesthetic is still closely aligned with the features and characteristics found in the 17th and 18th century homes in the south of France. This classic style exudes opulence and sophistication and the recognisable features of intricate detailing and the use of natural materials and textures combine to create a rustic and warm interior. Materials are generally traditional and include beautifully crafted wooden cabinetry, stone benchtops, ceramic tiling, oversized ovens and rangehoods and timber or stone flooring.

The easiest way to identify a Traditional/Provincial kitchen is the presence of ornate and detailed cabinetry, carvings and corbels. Doors will have intricate detailing and substantial moulding giving them both dimension and character. Corbels, will usually be placed on the corners or kitchen islands or as part of a mantel on a grand built-in rangehood above a freestanding oven. Alongside these features, you may also include glass or profiled doors, turned posts and capping.

A Traditional/Provincial kitchen will predominantly use natural material sources of timber and stone. Engineered stone that mimics the look of marble or has substantial veining blends traditional style with the current trends. You will also find wrought iron, brass and other metals used, especially for lighting fixtures, chandeliers, tapware and cabinetry handles.

In keeping with the natural beauty of the timber and stone, Traditional/Provincial kitchens are typically soft and neutral in their colouring. Awash with antique whites, creams and greys, as well as other soft tones like eggshell blue and delicate shades of pale green.

To create more visual interest consider a feature splashback using ceramic tiles in bold patterns such as herringbone, subway and square shapes. For more stylised detail a pressed metal splashback evokes old world charm and opulence.
Beautiful timber panel flooring is very popular in Traditional/Provincial kitchens, however timber-look laminates, parquetry and natural stone tiles are also well suited to this style.

Antique or replica items like decorative brass taps, ceramic handles, hooks and rails add to the sense of authenticity. Featured tapware is usually lever-style and made of metal such as chrome, brushed nickel or brass with a ceramic lever for an elegant touch.

If you would like to find out more about this style and its timeless variations, contact us here at Kitchen Envy and let our experienced Design Consultants design your beautiful custom kitchen.

Feature Rangehood

Mantles and Corbels

Subway Tile Splashback

Traditional Handles

Routed Cabinetry

Decorative Capping

Glass Display Cabinetry

Farmhouse Sink and Provincial Tap

Decorative Columns

Proud Skirting

Hamptons/Shaker-Style Kitchen Elements

The Hamptons or Shaker style kitchen has become increasingly popular, particularly for the renovator who is seeking an alternative to the sleek minimalism of contemporary design. The sophisticated charm of this style makes a natural fit for the beachside or family lifestyle which translates into both past and modern architecture of Australian homes. The Hamptons style can also be adjusted to transition into a more contemporary design whilst still retaining original traits.

The Hamptons or Shaker style kitchen incorporates old world charm into our modern lifestyles through many decorative features.

Shaker style cabinetry has simple lines and an understated elegance that has stood the test of time. This door has a frame and panel profile with a design ethos that focus on practical design, solid traditional lines and detailing. By integrating appliances you will allow uninterrupted stylish lines in the joinery.

White is the most popular colour choice due to its light, reflective quality. Feature colours that give a softer feel to the space are soft greys, blues and greens and other colours evocative of the sea. Darker hues are becoming increasingly common as a way to create drama and used as accents on islands and other defined areas of cabinetry.

A beautiful stone benchtop suits the Hamptons/Shaker style kitchen due to its natural, timeless quality with either bold veins or softer, more subtle colour and texture.

The ceramic subway style tile is traditionally the most popular choice of splashback. For the more adventurous, popular choices include the elegant and more intricate herringbone, hexagon or basket weave patterns.

The classic bulter’s or farmhouse sink brings a beautiful and traditional feel into the Hamptons kitchen but if you are leaning towards a more contemporary look, an undermount sink will add that modern touch.

A D-handle adds a focal element to a shaker door with no hardware on overheads giving a sleek look that focuses more on the classic door style than decorative accessories.

To help inspire you with new and exciting kitchen design ideas, Kitchen Envy have a range of beautiful showroom kitchens, including the ever popular Hamptons/Shaker stye. Meet with our experienced Design Consultants who will help you decide which style and design is right for you.

Bulkhead & Cornice

Subway TIles

D Handles

Feature LED Strip Lighting

Shaker Panels & Doors

Undermount Sink

Intergrated Appliances

Waterfall End

Industrial/Transitional Kitchen Elements

An industrial style kitchen typically refers to a modern design that draws inspiration from industrial spaces such as factories, workshops and lofts. A transitional style kitchen presents a balanced mixture of both contemporary and traditional design elements creating a unique and personal space that will stand the test of time.

The Industrial and Transition style are all about raw textural beauty and diverse materials. The celebration of timber, mixed metals, concrete, stainless steel, exposed brick and moody colour allow you to take this style as far as you like.

An Industrial and Transitional style kitchen design can work well in any space, especially if your home has architectural features such as high ceilings, exposed beams and bricks, original timber floors and large windows. These design elements allow you to work with an Industrial style theme throughout your space.

Black or dark cabinetry is a key element to creating an Industrial kitchen. This striking cabinetry creates a dramatic backdrop when mixed into the room with cool concrete and warm timber elements. These inky tones provide an instant shot of sophistication.

Timber and wood grain will add warmth to your Industrial style kitchen as other elements such as stone and steel may feel a little cold. If your home has older character, you may choose to keep the timber flooring or if you have chosen a concrete floor, timber elements can be brought in through the cabinetry or benchtops. Concrete flooring is a great option if you are building a new home or doing a large scale renovation.

You can bring concrete into your Industrial design through a concrete-look island or benchtop using an engineered stone product. Additional stone features could be waterfall ends and a stone splashback to continue the theme. Bring in a glass or mirror splashback to create contrasting texture and reflect light and space.

Another element to this unique style is raw metals such as iron and brass features which can be introduced through hardware, handles, lighting and bar stools. The introduction of mirrored glass splashbacks will reflect light and space.

Open metal shelving is another common feature and gives the opportunity to showcase display items. If you want to use another texture, floating timber shelving can add interest to your industrial style.

Statement lighting can bring in a sense of scale and height to your space whilst creating a cosy focal point. Pendant lighting in raw materials can hang over an island bench or dining table. Some of the most common materials for industrial lights are glass and metals like chrome, brass, copper and steel. Other features found in industrial lighting include wire cages, mesh and chains.

Call into our beautiful Kitchen Envy showroom and let us walk you through the latest trends in kitchen design including our showstopper Industrial style display.

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